Why did we call you at work?

Why are recruiters calling me at work?

Why Did I call you at work?

You are at your desk. Its a busy day and the phone rings from an unknown number.
Maybe you are talking to your manager.
Its a recruiter (me) calling you out of the blue to gauge interest in making a change.

I understand your annoyance and you may wonder, "why do recruiters call me at work?"

The reason that I called you directly at work is that your background matches what my client has requested.
My goal is to present my clients with the best possible talent and more often than not, they are not on job boards or responding to postings.

If you are at open to exploring a change, set up a time for a short conversation. 

If you are at all open to exploring a change, set up a time for a short conversation.
I expect that you are not able to talk freely at work and will make myself available in the evenings and weekends. 

Often I may be able to provide career advancement, relocation, a shorter commute, higher compensation or a better work/life balance. 

If you are happy at your current role simply let me know. Feel free to keep my contact information in the event your situation changes. 

In addition, I offer a finders fee of between $1000 to $6000 for referrals that accept a position. 
If you know someone with your background that is open to making a change let me know.