Make up to $5000 referring your CPA connections


You got a call from me at work but you are really happy at your current job. 

If you happen to know a CPA from public accounting that would be a good fit, a quick introduction can make you up to a quick $5000!

For an associate to senior associate the referral fee is $1000

For a manager the referral fee is $2000

For a senior manager the referral fee is $3000

For a partner or above the referral fee is $5000

If you know someone that is working in public accounting that wants to relocate, most of my clients offer a relocation package. 


How to refer

Here are the three methods to refer a candidate. 

1) Provide me with their contact information. Let me know if you want me to mention your name or do it in confidence.

2) Do an e-mail introduction copying both myself and the person that you are referring. 

3) Provide my contact information to your referral but make sure they mention your name. 


Here are the conditions

1) The referral must not be someone that I have been in contact with in the previous 12 months

2) The referral accepts the position with my client through my submission.

3) The referral starts at the position.

4) The client pays me for the placement

5) The referral is still employed at the end of the guarantee period. (this is typically 90 days but this will be communicated to you) 

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