How to Stand Out

If you want to stand out among candidates being organized and informed will make a big difference in getting a response. Using EverNote as a tool during the process of a job hunt is a great way to get ahead.

As a recruiter I may be working on several very different type of positions all over the country (and sometimes the world). A simplified view of the workflow is I get a requirement, search for those that I can find that meet it and then send out the job description including how to apply via email or through a link on my website. Then I will go through and call the best fits and respond to those that get back.

Recently noticed that many of those responding were not sending an updated resume but simply a very quick, yes I am interested, often without a phone number. In years prior most applicants would attach an updated resume.

If I get this response while in front of my desktop or laptop I can easily search in my database for the details (and phone number) but if I am out and about it makes it more difficult.

The reason for this is obvious, as more job searches are done via smartphones and mobile many people will respond with a quick yes/I am interested.

Here is how you can easily stand out in the pile of responses if you get a job that you find compelling.

1) Make it clear which position (including location) that you are responding to.

2) If you are out of the area make it clear you are open to relocating to the area. (If you are not open to relocation but in the job market, state that clearly as other locations might be available)

3) Provide a number that you can be reached.

4) Send an updated resume. Always assume that the resume that a recruiter has is badly formatted and out of date. Figuring out how to attach files on your mobile device is well worth it.

I use GMAil on an android Phone and I noticed that the only option for attaching a file was attach picture/attach video but an application is available to attach any type of file from the Google Play store

Try for the iPad and iPhone

Here is an example of how this could benefit you. I have a position in South Carolina where I am looking for Mechanical Engineers, that have Lean/Six Sigma experience and have with with Solid Edge. I am able to find 100 people with this skill set. I send them the job description. Ten people respond. Eight simply state their interest while two take these four steps and include an updated resume. Which ones are called when I am away from my desk?

How Evernote is a fantastic tool for job seekers

I am well aware that the job search can flood even the most well organized job seekers.

Evernote is an organizational tool, that is free that can organize and sync all of your information across all of your devices.

For more information about what Evernote is watch this video

Once you have the Evernote application installed on all of your devices and browsers (the Evernote Web clipper makes it far more useful) save all of the information related to your job search including

-Your updated resume (this will ensure you are able to access it when you are out & about getting you ahead of the other job seekers)

-Communication from recruiters including job descriptions

-Job postings that you applied to. Makes it much easier to follow up.

-Company research (having good questions to ask during an interview about the role and the company is as important as your answers to questions!)

-LinkedIn Profiles of the recruiters & hiring managers.

-Interview schedules (who am I Interviewing with? Where am I supposed to be? never winning combination!)

-Directions to interview (Often large companies have a large campus)


Marcus Ronaldi